Covering letters are critical. They complement your CV and are often the first point of contact with any potential employer. They are, therefore, as important as your CV. In fact, many CVs are never read because of the quality of the covering letter. Your covering letter must hold the attention of the reader, such that they want to continue to read your CV.

Applying For A Specific Job. £95

Each covering letter will be different. If you are applying for a specific job, Signature CVs will work with you to develop a covering letter that supports your job application and is aligned with the skills and competencies required for that job.

We will discuss the job role with you and advise as to how your letter should be constructed. You will then submit your draft letter, together with details of the job for which your are applying, to Signature CVs. We will review your letter and recommend any changes.

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Generic Covering Letters. £75

If you are sending your CV to multiple employers, Signature CVs can help you to construct a generic covering letter to accompany your CV. The format will obviously be different and it is critical that you sell yourself within the first sentence. You must gain the attention of the reader such that they read on and want to read your CV.

We will discuss with you the type of role(s) that you are seeking and recommend a suitable letter format. You will construct your letter and submit it to Signature CVs for review. We will then recommend any changes.

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