At Signature CVs we want to ensure that you feel at ease and comfortable working with us. Everyone has different questions, and the answers to the most frequently asked questions are given below. But, if there is anything that we have not covered, or that you are not sure about, please get in touch and we will answer any queries as soon as possible. Success in your next career move is our aim.

  • How long have you been established?

    Caroline started helping people with their CVs in the mid-1990s. Since then, Signature CVs has evolved into a CV consultancy also offering help on covering letters and interviews. It became registered as a limited company in 2011.

  • You say that you won’t write my CV for me. How do I know that what I have written is correct?

    It depends on what level of service you select. Enhanced CV – Re-design includes a review in the price and if we help you to build your CV from scratch (CV Build) then we undertake several reviews with you. After working with us, you will understand the principles of successful CV writing and should be able to modify your CV as your career develops and new skills are acquired.

  • How can I justifying paying your prices?

    The current job market is fiercely competitive. We believe that we are competitively priced for what we deliver. A poorly constructed CV, or one that doesn't place the proper focus on your strengths, skills and achievements, can very easily disqualify you from the hiring process. Helping you to put a good CV together, one that makes you stand out from other candidates, is what we do.

  • Why should I choose Signature CVs?

    Because we offer a unique, personal service - whether it is in working with you to construct your CV or LinkedIn profile, writing your covering letter or helping you to prepare for that interview. We are flexible and respond to your needs.

  • How can Signature CVs help me?

    We can help you with writing your CV, covering letters and give advice on interview techniques. From CV Critique to CV Build, we review your CV and then advise what help you need to make it into the ultimate CV which secures, at least, an interview.

  • Can I see sample CVs?

    We undertake complete confidentiality and do not share your data with any other party. Each CV is developed in close co-operation that person, and becomes their unique property. Additionally, we do not feel that ‘sample CVs’ offer any real value, as each individual’s circumstances are different. For this reason we do not provide sample CVs.

  • Do you have an office where I can visit and discuss my requirements?

    No. All consultations and discussion are conducted through email, telephone or both, depending on how you wish to communicate with us and the services you select. In fact, with a lot of clients, the only communication is through email! But it’s your choice. You can see from our testimonials that whatever communication you chose, we deliver an exceptional product!

  • If I select one service, then decide on a more expensive one, will I have to pay twice?

    No. You only pay for the services we provide to you.