Your on-line presence is now critical, with your LinkedIn Profile acting as your on-line CV. Signature CVs will advise you how to develop a powerful Profile, again reflecting you and your capabilities, and making you stand out from others in your field.

Company Linkedin Profile from £210

If you are a small company, Signature CVs can help grow your business by creating a powerful LinkedIn Profile promoting yourself, your business and the added value you offer. The cost starts from £210 depending on company size, number of directors, etc.

We can also develop short Web Biographies of your company staff to complement and add value to your website.

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CV Re-design (enhanced) with LinkedIn Profile. £325

This service combines CV Re-Design (enhanced) with the development of a powerful LinkedIn Profile based on your CV. We will work with you to develop your LinkedIn summary and experience, to make you stand out from others in your field, as recruiters are increasingly searching LinkedIn to match candidates to job vacancies.

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